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Toddlers are amazing. One minute they’re a baby in your arms, the next they are a walking (running!), talking, decision making person all of their own. We aim to provide a curriculum that supports the wonderful curiosity and enthusiasm of these active learners. We offer a stimulating early child care centre environment that benefits not only the physical development of toddlers, but their cognitive and social development too. Our educators have designed a meaningful program based on the government administered Early Years Learning Framework that embeds practical uses of pro-social behaviours like empathy, sharing, and emotional regulation.

Along with high quality learning resources, our educators are well equipped and passionate to create responsive and respectful relationships with children and their families. We believe these positive relationships lay the foundation for exploration and discovery, giving children a safe ‘base’ to return to and share their experiences with.

Your toddler will enjoy an active indoor/outdoor curriculum where they can engage with nature and participate in a range of creative, educational and sensory experiences. Engagement with the arts is readily available to all children with painting, clay, drawing, reading and music being part of our daily routine. We feel creativity is an excellent outlet for self-expression for young minds whose vocabulary is still developing. We understand toddlerhood is a time for self-discovery and the development of self-help skills. We consider all children to be competent and capable learners and make time in our routine as they learn this for themselves too.

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