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Our baby daycare nurseries seek to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you and your baby (0-12 months). With the critical social and emotional development factors at the front of mind, our highly qualified educators strive to offer a holistic curriculum that captures the essence of babyhood. First and foremost, relationships are central to everything we do and we do our best to form mutually respectful and reciprocal relationships with babies and their families. We are understanding of the common anxieties associated with leaving your baby in care, often for the first time and believe an open-door policy is best to reassure and settle families in to our community. The door is always open and we encourage family members to join us for lunches or group times and to get to know our educators and fellow families.

Our baby care centre nurseries are thoughtfully designed environments with homely elements and textural delights to support the sensory development of your child. In order to accommodate for all stages of physical development from wriggling to crawling and walking, our spaces utilize various levels to challenge and extend. Our curriculum is based on the government administered Early Years Learning Framework, and offers quality learning resources for rich learning experiences to engage your child’s sense of curiosity and wonder.

We know how important routine and predictability is to building a sense of trust in relationships and the world in young children. Our program is accommodating to the routines that are as unique as the children they belong to. We aim to reflect the routine you have instilled at home to keep babies healthy and happy.

We hope our nursery will feel like an extension of your home, and us an extension of your family. We look forward to welcoming you into the Early Learning and Kinder community.

For older children, we also have Toddler-Early Child Care Centre and Kindergarten-Preschool Child Care programs. You can look for a child care centre near me here.