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8 Tips For Returning To Work After Having A Baby

For many mothers, going back to work after having babies can be daunting.  Adjusting to the ‘busyness’ of life at home with a new family can seem hard enough without the added complication of returning to work thrown in…

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Why Children Need Choice

Giving the freedom of choice to children almost seems counter-intuitive, but in fact, early learning environments which put the freedom of choice in the hands of the child are remarkably productive.  They’re remarkably peaceful.  And they’re remarkably successful. 

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The Benefits Of Natural Play Environments For Children

There must be a very sound motivation for a company to invest millions of dollars in a children’s playground, so what’s behind global mining giant, Rio Tinto’s ongoing commitment to the 60,000m2 NatureScape development in King’s Park in Perth?

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Developing Confidence In Your Child Prior To School

As parents, we invest thousands of dollars in our children.  We give them the best education we can afford.  We spoil them with gifts and treats.  We often give in to their demands for the latest gadgets, fashion or sporting gear.  But what about making an investment where it matters most?  Building up their self-confidence.

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New Child Care Package Lays Firm Foundation for the Future

The early years of life are the most important for learning and with the reforms setting the stage for a more affordable, accessible and flexible child care system, the long-term impact on Australia’s economy and the overall health of its citizens could be significant.

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