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New Childcare Subsidy May Spark Rush On Enrolments

For many families, the changes to the childcare system which come into effect on 2 July are good news.

Government has committed more funds to the critically important sector of early childhood education, upping federal spending in this area by $2.5 billion and in most instances, reducing families’ out-of-pocket expenses.

The new system is designed to be simpler, better targeted and more beneficial to low and middle-income families with subsidies passed directly onto the families in the form of reduced fees from the by the childcare providers.

One of the biggest positives resulting from these reforms is the scrapping of subsidies for families which have a combined annual income of up to $186 958, but it should be noted that eligibility depends on both parents working, studying or volunteering for at least eight hours a fortnight.

The new system certainly puts the focus on working parents and if you want to find out how much subsidy you’ll get, you can find a useful calculator at www.education.gov.au/childcare.   Each situation will be unique but many parents will be able to increase their activity hours and receive a higher rebate which in turn, may lead to heightened demand for childcare centres.

These reforms are designed to make childcare more affordable and more accessible.

Most families will welcome this good news given that the early years are the most important for learning and that a person’s life successes, health and emotional wellbeing are rooted in quality early childhood education.

With the July 2 deadline looming, parents are urged to register for the new system in order to continue getting their government subsidies.

It’s probably also worthwhile for parents to move quickly on exploring options for childcare in their area as the new system could prompt a surge in demand for additional childcare.

Giving a child the best start in life with high quality early learning is crucial and premium childcare centres are always highly sought-after.  Proximity isn’t always the main consideration and savvy parents know that securing quality education for their child is the most important thing – so choosing the right childcare provider is crucial.

One of Australia’s favourite childhood education groups, Early Learning & Kinder has handy information on the new subsidy on our website and our highly qualified educators would be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

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