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New Childcare Package

As of 2nd July 2018, a new Child Care Subsidy will replace the current Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Rebate. Childcare Rebate and Childcare Benefit will now be paid as one, now called the Child Care Subsidy, and paid directly to the service with families only paying their out of pocket expense for care.

For most families, the change will be good news – providing more government help and lower out of pocket costs for child care. However, it will mean some changes to the way family’s access and pay for early learning.

To help you understand what the new subsidy will mean for your family, the below link will assist you in estimating your out of pocket expenses.

The estimator will use your current circumstances, such as;

  • what your current activity is (e.g. how many hours you work, train or study)
  • how many children you have in child care today
  • what are the fees at your centre
  • what is your combined family income

This will generate an estimate as if the Child Care Subsidy was applied to your child now. However, if you are in receipt of special government support payments (e.g. income support, carers payment, widow pension, etc), these changes may impact you differently and you should visit the Department’s website for further information.

The estimator is easy to use, and only takes a few minutes to fill out.


Please keep in mind that the result will be a rough estimate and is a guide only. The calculations are expressed in 2017-18 values based on current child care fees, and policy settings for the Child Care Subsidy. The subsidy you are paid from 2nd July 2018 will depend on your individual circumstances, and changes to the law and policy.

The estimator is completely anonymous. No one will have access to individual results, but it will help us to plan for the changes to make sure we offer our families the best possible service under the reforms.

If you would like more detailed information on the Government reforms, click here.

Early Learning & Kinder are proud to be top providers of child care services across Australia. Please feel free to contact your local centre if you have any questions or require assistance using the calculator.