Full-Day Kinder/Preschool

Early Learning & Kinder understands building a solid foundation for your child’s lifelong learning experience, and offers top quality preschool child care.  Your child will grow, flourish and thrive in a dynamic and stimulating play-based day care program provided by our university-qualified early childhood educator. Our high quality, full-day kinder (or preschool for centres in New South Wales) program offers a relaxed atmosphere and opportunities for child-centred creative activities, improved learning and development outcomes, emotional wellbeing and long term social and educational outcomes.

Children with limited pre-school experiences, who then attend our nurturing full-day program, are more likely to have stronger achievement in basic skill areas and generally better preparation for ‘big school’. Each child is afforded the individual support required to help ease them into a full-time learning environment, greatly reducing the stress and anxiety often experienced, by both child and parent, when transitioning from casual or part-time pre-school into structured, full-time, formal education. Our full-day program provides more time for experiential learning through excursions, incursions and free indoor/outdoor play.

Your child will develop warm, caring relationships and be encouraged and supported to develop confidence, independence, self-awareness and a feeling of self-worth. The additional time spent in the structured learning and social environment of our full-day kinder program provides your child with the best preparation they can have for their transition into ‘big school’.

There are many advantages to our full-day kinder program, here’s just a few:

  • More time spent in individualized learning
  • More time spent in free play-based learning, less time in large groups
  • More reinforcement of positive social behaviours
  • Greater progress in social skills
  • Higher self-esteem and independence
  • Access to healthy, nutritional meals throughout the day
  • A more relaxed, less hurried school day with more varied experiences
  • A positive, low-stress transition into big school

For younger children, we also offer Nursery-Baby Daycare and Toddler-Early Child Care Centre programs. Click to view all our locations to find child care centres near me.