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High Street Early Learning & Kinder

Child Care Centre Lalor

High Street Early Learning & Kinder offers child care in Lalor in natural outdoor and thoughtfully designed indoor spaces to support your child’s journey through exploration and discovery. Our dedicated and knowledgeable educators strive to create an exciting, child-centred curriculum to inspire. We hold our families in great esteem and seek to work in partnership with them to achieve the best possible outcomes for their child. We look forward to welcoming you to High Street Early Learning and Kinder.

At our centre, you will find:

  • Our Bachelor qualified Kinder Teacher is keen to not only get your child school-ready, but to work in partnership you to build a resilient and caring child who is ready to embrace the world.
  • Our onsite cook is making fresh and nutritious meals to fuel your child’s body and mind. We provide breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late supper to support your child’s learning and play all day.
  • Our environments are purposefully designed to meet every child at their unique point of development. We understand not every child or family is the same, and our learning spaces reflect that. Like you, we wonder who they will be if we offer them the best start in life…
  • Our holistic curriculum is designed to achieve not only school readiness, but to nurture thoughtful, understanding and tolerant young citizens in a way that makes learning fun. Who knows what amazing ideas lie in these young minds?
  • When we say open-door policy, we mean it. We are here to support families in every way we can. Whenever you need to talk, we are here to listen.

Our fully-funded, all day Kindergarten program is led by a Bachelor trained Early Childhood Teacher. We offer a stimulating curriculum with the aim of building confident and active learners. Using a holistic approach to education, we combine school readiness programs with learning experiences to foster the social and emotional development of young children. Our integrated indoor/outdoor curriculum is child-directed and seeks to engage children in meaningful learning experiences that get them excited about learning and confident to commence their formal education journey.

Meet our Director: Sarah Elhaj

My name is Sarah, I have worked in the early childhood industry for over 12 years, and in a variety of different roles. My passion is ensuring all children have the best start to life. I hope to achieve this by working closely with children, families, and educators to create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable, and children work towards reaching their full potential. By working together and incorporating family involvement, we can further develop this space where children can explore their imagination, be creative and feel ready when moving onto the next stage of their life.

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