Early Learning & Kinder is one of Australia’s leading
early childhood education providers with child care centres across the country.

We are the familiar faces from your community, we understand the connection between
educators and families and the bliss that teaching and learning can bring.
Together we share in the joy of curiosity and the delight in those ‘a-ha!’ moments.

With programs for baby day care, early learning day care and preschool child care, we are here to help no matter what stage your child is at.

The Child Care Subsidy

Learn about how the Federal Government’s new Child Care Subsidy offers the perfect opportunity for many Australian families to gain access to a vital and much-needed service. Learn who's eligible, what extra assistance there is and how levels are determined here.

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8 Tips For Returning To Work After Having A Baby

For many mothers, going back to work after having babies can be daunting.  Adjusting to the ‘busyness’ of life at home with a new family can seem hard enough without the added complication of returning to work thrown in…

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